Dell introduces a new set of "transforming" laptops and smart PCs

 The new Latitude products are completely redesigned, including the new Latitude 9440 model that combines an eye-catching design.

Dell Technologies has just officially launched its latest computer products and commercial ecosystems. The product launch proves that investing in the right tools and technology is extremely important for businesses to help workers work more efficiently and excitedly.

Many of us are now familiar with the concept of hybrid work, but some limitations still remain that hinder the working experience. Solving these problems is a top priority for Dell. This is demonstrated through design philosophy and creative innovations in new commercial products. From devices, to software and solutions, as well as ecosystems, all are designed to provide a smooth working and connected experience for users.

New Dell Latitude with the ability to "transform" for multi-mode use.

New Dell Latitude with the ability to "transform" for multi-mode use.

Mr. Paul Carter - Vice President, Customer Solutions Group, Asia-Pacific and Japan, Dell Technologies, points out that technology has and will continue to shape the way we work. , as well as how we define working methods. “In a world of hybrid, digital-first work, businesses not only need to change their mindset, but also ensure their workforce is equipped with smart and secure technologies so they can promote all possibilities."

Businesses across the globe have experienced unprecedented changes, and the pace of innovation will continue to accelerate. Business owners need to carefully prepare for the new period when people are at the center of all changes. Now, the job is not as simple as providing separate hardware to workers, instead, businesses need to focus on providing a complete PC ecosystem experience integrated with security technology solutions. and durable so users can work and collaborate effectively in the hybrid era.

The new Latitude products are completely redesigned, including the new Latitude 9440 model that combines eye-catching design and teamwork capabilities, while the Latitude 7320/7440 Ultralight model is suitable for people on the move.

The Precision line is refreshed with a variety of designs and options to serve the needs of convenience and high performance. These products are targeted at users who need compact products that still ensure high performance and powerful image processing.

Marking 30 years on the market, the Dell OptiPlex line now has many simple options so businesses and users can choose to configure and order systems that suit their needs.

New premium displays and peripherals are developed to help users increase productivity, increase team collaboration, and achieve a more comprehensive PC experience.

New Dell desktop computers.

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New Dell desktop computers.

To complete the work PC experience, the latest version of Dell Optimizer brings intelligence from the PC to the rest of the ecosystem. Audio, security, networking, and teamwork features will intelligently learn and respond to the way users work.

Beyond hardware, Dell customers are increasingly concerned about sustainability and rely on Dell for support to help them achieve their sustainability goals. Dell expands its use of sustainable materials through the application of circular design principles.

Dell has increased the percentage of post-consumer recycled materials to minimize the environmental impact of manufacturing its most sustainable models - Latitude, Precision 3000 workstation series, and new commercial monitor models. . In addition, Quiet Mode in Dell Optimizer's cooling management options can help users save 18% power.

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