Confirming the super beautiful new color of iPhone 16 Pro


According to analyst Ming Chi Kuo, iPhone 16 Pro will have a new color, replacing the current blue color.

Corroborating previous reports, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made predictions for the color versions of the iPhone 16 series. For the iPhone 16 Pro pair, the titanium blue color will be replaced by a new pink color.

iPhone 16 Pro/ iPhone 16 Pro Max will be pink.

iPhone 16 Pro/ iPhone 16 Pro Max will be pink.

Therefore, iPhone 16 Pro/ iPhone 16 Pro Max will have color options: black, white/silver, pink and natural titanium. As for the standard iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus, Mr. Kuo predicts they will come in black, white, green, pink and blue.

These predictions are quite consistent with previous expectations. On the other hand, some rumors say that the iPhone 16 series will have a purple version.

Illustration photo.

Illustration photo.

The iPhone 16 series will be officially announced in the fall. Their design will be similar to the iPhone 15 Series. However, the screen size on iPhone 16 Pro models will be larger. Additionally, the dual rear camera module on the iPhone 16/iPhone 16 Plus duo will switch to a vertical layout instead of a diagonal layout like its predecessor.

In addition, the 2024 iPhone generation will have a shutter button added, supporting video recording and photo taking. This button ​will be capacitive and respond to different levels of force pressure.

For example, users can focus a photo by pressing lightly, then pressing harder to take the photo. This operation is similar to how a traditional camera works.

We will continue to update more information about the new iPhone line in the next news articles. Dear readers, please read!

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