Can the ultra-thin iPad Pro M4 become “Bendgate 3.0”?

Last week, Apple announced the all-new iPad Pro with the super-fast M4 chip and an OLED display brighter than anything the company has put into a tablet to date.

iPad Pro M4 is the best tablet Apple has ever produced. But more importantly, it is also the thinnest device Apple has ever created as the 11-inch model is 5.3mm thick, while the 13-inch model is even thinner at only 5.1mm thick.

iPad Pro M4 has a main thickness of 5.1 mm.

It's incredibly thin and makes the new iPad Pro even Thinner than the iconic iPod nano. But when a company creates a product that is thin, there's an obvious problem they need to solve: "How can you be sure that something like that won't bend in the middle?" like the Bendgate incident that Apple encountered with the iPhone 6 Plus in the past.

To address this concern, the head of hardware at Apple, John Ternus, explained to a YouTuber that Apple has redesigned the internals of the iPad Pro to try and ensure that it is as tough as possible. can. can. One of the changes includes a new metal shell that sits above the logic board and then runs down the middle of the tablet to form a sort of chassis. This rib then adds rigidity to a device that can bend.

The obsession with the Bendgate incident is something that many iPhone 6 Plus users still remember.

Back to the iPhone 6 Plus - the famous smartphone bent in the middle every time someone puts it in their back pocket and then unfortunately sat down. Some recent iPad Pro models also have a bit of a curvature problem, although the degree of curvature is not like the iPhone 6 Plus.

After all, Apple is ready to solve the curvature problem on the iPad Pro M4 so users can rest assured, at least in theory. 

Recently, Apple introduced two tablet lines, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2024. In particular, the impressive point of the Pro line is the appearance of the Apple M4 processor. As for the iPad Air, users had to wait 2 years to be able to hold a new generation iPad Air in their hands.

Apple just introduced a number of new iPad models a few days ago.

Apple just introduced a number of new iPad models a few days ago.

Talking about the new product duo, the representative of Di Dong Viet commented that the iPad Air line can balance performance and design, so this model is suitable for the majority of iPad users, specifically students. staff, office staff. As for the iPad Pro line with Apple's most advanced and thinnest M4 chip today, it is aimed at businessmen, directors, managers, creators,...

Specifically, the new iPad Air 2024 has two versions of 11-inch and 13-inch Retina Display screens, equipped with an Apple M2 chip that provides 3 times more performance than its predecessor. The product fully supports the fingerprint sensor, Wi-Fi 6E and supports the Apple Pencil mouse feature introduced on the iPad Pro 2022 line.

iPad Pro 2024 has the most advanced specifications, reaching an incredible thinness of just over 5mm. The device owns the 3nm process M4 chip that was first introduced, providing performance 4 times faster than the iPad Pro M2. Ultra Retina XDR panel with 2-layer OLED technology and ProMotion and True Tone technologies, providing an impressive visual experience, including 11-inch and 13-inch options.

Refer to many Apple authorized retail systems (AAR) in Vietnam such as The Gioi Di Dong and CellphoneS, the expected selling prices for iPad Air 2024 and iPad Pro 2024 are respectively 16.99 million VND and 28 million VND. .99 million VND.

Particularly at Di Dong Viet, they will soon announce a direct discount program so the price will be from 16.49 million VND for the iPad Air 2024 line, and from 27.99 million VND for the iPad Pro 2024. Meanwhile, FPT Shop has not listed these new iPad 2024 models yet.

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