Boeing Airlines refuses to "generally" pay a huge ransom to ransomware hackers


Boeing refuses to pay huge ransom to LockBit ransomware hackers.

The world's leading aircraft manufacturer Boeing has shown a strong stance when refusing to pay a $200 million ransom to the LockBit ransomware hacker group.

In November 2023, Boeing became the target of an attack by the notorious LockBit ransomware hacker group. This group infiltrated the corporation's network and stole 43GB of sensitive data, including information about aerospace projects and company secrets. Afterwards, LockBit demanded that Boeing pay a ransom of $200 million to decrypt the data.

Boeing refuses to pay $200 million data ransom from LockBit.

Boeing refuses to pay $200 million data ransom from LockBit.

Despite LockBit's threatening demands, Boeing refused to pay the ransom. The company believes that making concessions will only encourage hacker groups to continue carrying out cyber extortion acts. Boeing also said it has taken the necessary security measures to protect its data and will continue to cooperate with authorities to track down and punish the attackers.

The case of Boeing refusing to pay the ransom for LockBit has attracted the attention of the international community and received much praise from cybersecurity experts. Boeing's strong stance has helped raise awareness of the growing danger from cyberattacks and encouraged other organizations to increase security measures to protect their data.

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