Apple officially confirmed the date of WWDC 2024

Now, Apple has officially announced the time of the Developer Conference - WWDC 2024 with a focus on AI.

Like many predictions, Apple has just confirmed that it will hold the Developer Conference - WWDC 2024 on June 10. The conference will be streamed live by Apple like previous years.

Developers Conference - WWDC 2024 will take place on June 10.

It is expected that WWDC 2024 will focus on Artificial Intelligence - AI, specifically Apple's efforts to catch up with "competitors" such as Google, Microsoft,... "giants" Technology is moving further in implementing AI into its products.

WWDC will give Apple a chance to fix that. Experts expect that the company will integrate AI in this year's software updates.

In particular, iOS 18 will introduce new and interesting AI features. The improved Siri assistant will have more natural conversation capabilities, emoji creation features, and other tools that will help users use integrated applications like Keynote and Pages.

Apple will stream the event live.

In addition to iOS 18, Apple will introduce the latest versions of watchOS, macOS, tvOS, iPadOS and VisionOS. A developer beta will also be released during WWDC, with a public beta launching a few weeks after the event.

At the beginning of this month, "Apple Defect" announced new iPads, all of which are equipped with the powerful M4 chip. It is expected that the affordable iPhone SE 4 will be launched in early 2025 with a new design.

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Apple revealed its intention to rotate the logo on the iPad horizontally, reinforcing its ambition to replace computers.

In a recent interview with Numerama, Apple leaders shared interesting information about the future of the iPad, especially the horizontal rotation of the "apple" logo on upcoming models. This is considered the next move to affirm Apple's ambition to turn the iPad into a personal computer replacement device.

According to Apple leaders, users are increasingly inclined to use iPad in landscape mode, especially when connected to the Magic Keyboard. Rotating the logo horizontally will make the user experience more natural and convenient.

iPad may switch to a horizontal "apple" logo in the future.

iPad may switch to a horizontal "apple" logo in the future.

"We're thinking about it," said Molly Anderson, Apple's product designer. "iPad has long been a product used in portrait mode, but we're using it more and more in landscape mode."

In fact, Apple has already started applying this change to the iPad's launch logo, which already appears in landscape mode on the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models. This is considered a clear signal that Apple is aiming for users to use the iPad horizontally.

However, it is unclear whether Apple will apply this change to all iPad models, especially to the iPad mini, which is often used in portrait mode. Apple leaders have not revealed a specific time for the launch of iPad models with horizontally rotated logos.

However, this information has caused a stir in the technology world and raised many questions about the future of the iPad. Will Apple succeed in turning the iPad into a real computer, replacing the MacBook and iMac?

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