Apple officially apologizes after backlash over iPad ads

 After much criticism, Apple officially apologized after the 2024 iPad ad called "Crush".

Apple has officially dropped its plan to run a video advertisement called "Crush" for the new iPad Pro line, and issued an apology for being insensitive towards artists. Previously, this promotional video was released at the iPad Air and iPad Pro launch event last Tuesday.

Apple's new iPad promotional video has made many people angry.

Apple's new iPad promotional video has made many people angry.

The one-minute promotional video features paint cans, guitars, toys, sculptures, etc., all being crushed by a hydraulic press. The hydraulic press is then lifted, revealing the iPad Pro. Artists were quick to point out that the ad was insensitive and a bit creepy.

Although the ads were intended to highlight the number of features packed into Apple's thinnest product ever, many creators felt they were negative as technology was crushing creativity. of humanity.

Apple's 2024 iPad promotional video has not yet been removed from YouTube.

Apple's 2024 iPad promotional video has not been removed from YouTube.

Now, the Cupertino-based company has officially apologized to consumers and plans to eliminate running ads on television.

Mr. Tor Myhren, Deputy Director of Marketing Communications of the company said:

“Creativity is in our DNA at Apple, and it's important for us to design products that support creativity around the world. Our goal is to celebrate how users express themselves and bring their ideas to life through iPad. We missed an opportunity with this video and we apologize."

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The "Crush" promotional video is also not the first video in Apple's history to be criticized.

During the iPhone 15 series launch event in September 2023, Apple played a 5-minute comedy segment to highlight the company's environmental efforts. However, most viewers found the ad confusing and repetitive.

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