Apple has just removed the familiar "gifts" on its products

 Apple officially launched the iPad Pro M4, iPad Air M2, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard versions at a press conference on May 7.

Pre-orders for the products have opened immediately in selected countries and regions, where users can receive them as soon as May 15. However, with the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models, users need to be mentally prepared that a small item in the new product box that many Apple fans love will also disappear.

iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2 will be available from May 15.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple has opened pre-orders for the new iPad line in the US, Canada and UK. However, starting with iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2, the classic “Apple logo” label will no longer be included in the product packaging. Apple explained the decision as part of its “Apple 2030” net zero emissions goal and efforts to reduce the use of plastic in product packaging.

However, Apple fans still have the opportunity to receive a "limited number" of Apple stickers when stores directly operated by Apple in the US will keep a certain number of stickers to provide to consumers. when they bought new iPad Pro and iPad Air, and proactively requested them. When Apple stores run out of stickers, users can still order them from the company's headquarters.

The familiar Apple sticker will no longer be included in the iPad Pro M4 and iPad Air M2 cases.

It is currently unclear whether Apple Stores in other regions will apply the same method, and whether other Apple products will no longer have this commemorative sticker in the future.

In addition to creating innovative products, Apple is committed to the “Apple 2030” environmental goal of net-zero carbon emissions. For example, 99% of iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max cases are made of fibrous materials, ensuring that these materials come from recycled and responsibly managed forest lands.

Apple has finally revealed redesigned iPad Pro models with M4 chip, OLED Ultra Retina XDR display,…

The new ‌iPad Pro‌ has a significantly thinner design with 11-inch and 13-inch screen size options. While the 11-inch version is 5.3 mm thick, the 13-inch version is only 5.1 mm thick. Apple notes that this makes the new iPad Pro the company's thinnest ever. It has an improved thermal design thanks to graphite panels in the main case and copper in the Apple logo.

The ‌iPad Pro‌ OLED Ultra Retina maximum 1,600 nits. It delivers deeper, more realistic blacks, more detail in shadows and low light, brighter highlights and improved brightness, and is more responsive to moving content.

The M4 chip embedded inside is manufactured using second-generation 3nm technology and features a new rendering engine, as well as hardware-accelerated mesh shading and ray tracing. This chip offers up to 50% faster CPU performance than M2 on the previous iPad Pro, while rendering performance is 4x faster.

The 12 MP camera on the front of the iPad Pro has been moved to the side of the device to improve the video calling experience. The rear camera now supports ProRes and Smart HDR 4 video recording. The product also now has Adaptive TrueTone flash for better document scanning.

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The new iPad Pro series is also the first to be available with a nano-texture display option. The device's case is made of 100% recycled aluminum and is offered in Silver or Black color options. The 11-inch version starts at $999, while the 13-inch version starts at $1,299. The product is available to order now and will be available from May 15.

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