5 most beautiful Android phones in 2024

 Today users can find a smartphone that not only suits their daily needs but also their own style.

Android phones are always considered the king of design, and if aesthetics is what users pursue with their phones, then below are the most notable names.

Asus ROG Phone 8 and 8 Pro

This product duo not only brings the ultimate gaming experience thanks to new and improved features, but also comes with a powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip with a large 5550 mAh battery for up to 2 days of use. .

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More importantly, the device also has a very impressive design. It's a Thinner device with more rounded edges and an overall lighter design wrapped in an aluminum frame. The 6.78-inch AMOLED screen is made of durable Gorilla Glass Victus 2 and has a brightness of up to 2500 nits.

The most interesting is their back where the logo glows beautifully with the ROG Phone 8 version and the special mini LED screen called AniMe Vision on the ROG Phone 8 Pro with a series of preloaded animations.

OnePlus Open

If you are wondering about using a folding screen phone, OnePlus Open is a great choice to help users get used to this type of device. The phone functions effectively as a regular or foldable smartphone thanks to its refined design, where the less restrictive outer screen is a 6.31-inch OLED with a great 20:9 aspect ratio.

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Two OLED screens create a 7.82-inch tablet-like internal display, supporting Dolby Vision and HDR10+ and reaching brightness up to 2800 nits. Users also get multiple multitasking options with the ability to open up to 3 screens at the same time. In particular, the OnePlus Open's wrinkles are almost invisible.

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The three cameras co-developed by Hasselblad on OnePlus' vegan leather back also helps the device stand out. The main, ultra-wide, and periscope zoom lenses not only provide impressive imaging capabilities, but are also beautifully presented in the circular camera bump display next to the Hasselblad logo.

Galaxy S24 Ultra

While the Galaxy AI is the highlight of this product line, the design on the Galaxy S24 Ultra is no less attractive, even if the structure is almost identical to its predecessor. Most notable is the beautiful flat 6.8-inch AMOLED display that offers a very impressive 2K 120 Hz refresh rate, with an anti-reflective coating that allows for deep and rich contrast. Combined with a brightness of up to 2600 nits, the phone can display at maximum level even under harsh sunlight.

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The back and screen are made of Gorilla Glass and encased in a titanium frame, providing IP68 dust and water resistance. Even with its performance concerns, there's no denying the luxury that the Galaxy S24 Ultra brings.

Motorola Razr Plus

This compact phone design really stands out to users. The 3.6-inch screen is surprisingly flexible, allowing users to text, check social networks, watch videos, stream music, etc. without opening the device. At the same time, its small size proves to be a refreshing alternative to the giant size of similar smartphones on the market. This screen comes with additional benefits like allowing people to preview photos taken with the rear camera.

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Not only that, the internal display is a 6.9-inch OLED with the most subtle crease available, allowing Flex View for a clear view of the user's apps when the phone is folded. It also boosts the 165 Hz refresh rate quickly. Best of all, it's a much more budget-friendly option than most of its competitors.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Finally, there is the Pixel 8 Pro, a smartphone model that not only excels in performance but also has a simple but stylish design. The highlight of the product is its flatness compared to its predecessor, providing better overall balance and comfortably rounded corners. The 6.7-inch OLED display called Super Actua can reach up to 2400 nits of brightness, delivering the sharpest and sharpest display users will find on a Google Pixel.

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Worth mentioning, the design between the screen, back and camera is quite cohesive. An aluminum frame surrounds the device and a Gorilla Glass back blends perfectly with the visor-like camera bump for an elegant look. Additionally, the sleek camera bump texture creates a striking contrast with the smooth matte finish on the back.

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