5 changes that make iPhone 16 Pro Max more expensive

 Below are the 5 biggest changes that will come to the high-end smartphone iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Not long ago, many rumors predicted that Apple would add a new super-high-end iPhone version to the iPhone 17 line in 2025. Therefore, 2024 will be the year Apple makes the "iPhone 16 Pro Max" model a new version. Notable upgrade.

Concept photo iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Concept photo of iPhone 16 Pro Max.

Below are 5 of the biggest changes coming to the iPhone 16 Pro Max according to a summary from MacRumor.

1. Larger screen size - 6.9 inches

According to many sources, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase its overall size, possibly becoming Apple's largest iPhone ever. The device will have a screen size of 6.9 inches (up from 6.7 inches) and will be taller and wider than last year's iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Meanwhile, the thickness will remain the same, the weight will increase slightly due to the larger size. If this prediction is correct, this will be the first iPhone size increase since the iPhone 12 series.

2. Larger screen - Thinner bezels

For this year's iPhone 16 Pro models, Apple will use Border Reduction Structure (BRS) technology, allowing the circuit layout under the screen to be more compact and efficient, resulting in thinner bezels.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a larger screen than its predecessor.

iPhone 16 Pro Max will have a larger screen than its predecessor.

Last year, Apple reduced the bezels on iPhone 15 Pro models by using Low Injection Pressure Over (LIPO) to shrink the screen bezel size to 1.5 mm (compared to approximately 2.2 mm on iPhone 14 models).

3. Better camera - Two 48MP lenses

iPhone 16 Pro Max is expected to have a more advanced main camera, 12% larger, equipped with a custom 48-megapixel Sony IMX903 sensor with a stacked design, helping to deliver better performance. 14-bit ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) technology will help convert high-quality image data and DGC (Digital Gain Control) will better control noise and dynamic range.

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Not only that, this high-end smartphone will also have a built-in 48-megapixel Ultra Wide-angle camera, upgraded from the 12-megapixel lens on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

4. Larger battery capacity - Provides longer duration

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will use batteries with higher energy density, providing longer battery life without increasing size. Initial rumors also said that both iPhone 16 Pro models will use stacked battery technology, which could bring higher battery capacity and longer battery life.

According to another rumor, this year's ‌iPhone 16 Pro‌ Max will have a battery life of more than 30 hours (longer than the 29 hours of the iPhone 15 Pro Max).

5. Larger internal memory capacity - Store more

According to a rumor from Korea, Apple's upcoming iPhone 16 Pro models will have a new maximum 2TB of internal memory, on par with the iPad Pro. That's because Apple switched to using higher density Quad-Level Cell (QLC) NAND technology. This also allows "Apple" to integrate more memory into a smaller and more economical space than Triple-Level Cell (TLC) NAND - currently used by many iPhones.

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