2,500 pages of confidential Google documents leaked online


Google's 2,500-page secret document was leaked, revealing its search ranking algorithm.

A 2,500-page Google internal document called "Google API Content Warehouse" was suddenly leaked on GitHub. This document reveals detailed information about how Google's search ranking algorithm works, including the factors and components that influence search results.

Google's search ranking algorithm leaked online.

Google's search ranking algorithm leaked online.

Although Google has removed this document, a copy still exists on third-party indexing services. This has caused a stir in the SEO and digital marketing community, with many considering it a "secret guide" to climbing to the top of Google searches.

However, experts warn that this material is not the core key that helps a website automatically climb to the top. It only provides basic information about the factors that influence search results, but does not reveal the weight or importance of each factor.

Furthermore, some information in the document is believed to be outdated or no longer accurate. There are even statements made by Google that are said to contradict the content in the document.

Even so, this leak is still a notable event, showing the community's great interest in Google's search algorithm. Currently, Google has not yet commented on this incident.

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