Apple is about to overhaul a series of system applications on iOS 18 with AI

Apple plans to release the biggest update for the iPhone with many advanced artificial intelligence (AI) integrations.

iOS 18 is considered a breakthrough update for the iPhone, promising to bring many significant improvements to users. According to a reputable source from Bloomberg, Apple will integrate AI into many core applications on iOS 18 , specifically, the main highlight of iOS 18 is the "transformation" of Notes, Mail, Photos and Fitness applications thanks to into the power of AI.

Native iPhone apps will soon be integrated with AI.

Native iPhone apps will soon be integrated with AI.

- The Notes application will be smarter with voice and math support, helping students, pupils and professionals at work.

- The Mail application will have improved interface and functionality, helping users manage email more effectively.

- The Photos application will be supplemented with smart features such as automatically organizing photos, suggesting photo edits and searching photos by content.

- The Fitness app will provide personalized workouts based on the user's health data.

Although Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman did not highlight the details of the changes, it is expected that iPhone users will see a lot of new AI integration. With Apple working on massive AI algorithms and language models, iOS 18 will redefine the way users use their devices. There is even information that the Cupertino giant is also looking to improve the Calculator application to be able to handle complex calculations.

Mr. Gurman also confirmed earlier rumors about a smarter Siri, which has been in development for some time. In addition, Apple is also working to bring visual changes with more personalization options for the home screen. Finally, RCS messaging support is also coming to iPhones in iOS 18, allowing the device to communicate better with Android phones.

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