VinFast has moves to prepare for launch

 VinFast's most advanced electric car model has completed the final preparation stages, and it is likely that VF 9 will be handed over to customers this month.

A black VinFast VF 9 with an uncovered exterior was seen by users running on some roads in Hanoi.

The rear of the car has no version symbol, but looking at the details of the alloy wheels with a fairly simple design, we can tell that this is the VF 9 Eco. Previously, the VinFast VF 9 on display was the Plus version with sportier wheels.

VF 9 appeared on the streets of Hanoi, VinFast made moves to prepare for launch - 1

VinFast VF 9 was spotted on the street (Photo: Nguyen Dat Nhan).

The selling price was announced and the order portal opened at the same time as VF 8 (January 6, 2022), but currently VF 9 has not been handed over, while the "junior" product has exported thousands of cars. . According to the plan, this E-size electric SUV will be shipped and delivered to customers who have made deposits this quarter.

In an announcement, VinFast said it will organize an experience program at its assembly factory in Hai Phong on February 25. Industry experts believe that this may be the time when the commercial version of VF 9 will be unveiled or the first cars will be delivered to customers.

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