Toyota dominates the list of "green" cars

 The "greenness" of a car is evaluated based on the car's level of air pollution throughout the process from production to use, not just the car's emissions.

This year, the ranking of the "greenest" car models - GreenerCars - compiled by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) shows that at the top of the table is a car model that still uses an internal combustion engine. . From 2nd to 5th place are pure electric cars.

To give a vehicle a "green" score (scale of 100), ACEEE evaluates the extent to which human health is affected by the vehicle production and disposal process, energy production and use (gasoline or electricity), as well as vehicle emissions.

Topping the 2024 list is the Toyota Prius Prime SE model, with a score of 71. According to ACEEE calculations, users of this car model in the US only spend 529 USD to refuel in a year.

Toyota dominates the car list

This is the third time the Toyota Prius Prime SE model has topped the list of "greenest" cars compiled by ACEEE (Illustration: Toyota).

"It's thanks to the shape of the car, the technology it uses, along with the weight of the car," Mr. Peter Huether, ACEEE traffic research expert, shared with the Washington Post about why the Toyota Prius Prime SE won. win.

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