This country builds roads so that electric cars can drive and charge at the same time

 The world's first route with wireless charging for electric cars will be operational in Sweden from 2025.

Sweden has decided to make history by building the world's first permanent electrified road system. The Electric Power Supply System (ERS) will allow electric cars to wirelessly charge their batteries while on the move, increasing the distance traveled between charging charges.

This country builds roads so electric cars can drive and charge at the same time - 1

It is expected that the road system incorporating wireless charging feature in Sweden will be operational from 2025 (Illustration: Cornell University).

The selected highway is E20, connecting the major Swedish cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo. This will be the first section in a larger plan, expected to electrify more than 3,000km of roads in Sweden. However, there is a small problem: the government has not finalized which technology it will use.

Sweden is a pioneer in testing electrified pavements and has tested three leading solutions. In 2016, the country opened a 2km stretch of road in Gavle, using overhead power lines to charge the batteries of large electric trucks via pantograph chargers with roadside charging stations and high frames suspended above the road. - similar to the model used for electric trains.

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