The Tesla car crashed into a stationary fire truck on the highway

 The incident occurred in the context that authorities suspected that the company's fully automated driving software could cause users to have accidents, so they asked the company to recall the car to ensure safety.

The US National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation into Tesla's Full Self-Driving (FSD) software in 2021. And a week ago, the agency announced Recalled 362,758 Tesla vehicles because the Beta version of the FSD system could cause the vehicle to operate unsafely.

FSD is one of the most controversial automated driving systems, with both supporters and opponents, but the recall program above shows that the safety of the system really needs to be considered. . NHTSA cites four main problems with FSD's modus operandi, and importantly, they all relate to how it handles intersection situations.

The first is that the system allows the vehicle to pass through some intersections even when the traffic light has turned yellow. Second, NHTSA addresses the duration of vehicle static at some intersections with stop signs, especially when there are no other road users at the intersection.

The third issue raised was how FSD regulates vehicle speeds in variable speed zones, and fourth was how the system will sometimes continue straight when in a lane with a "Turn Only" indication. ".

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