MG4 - electric car "sharing the same tray" VinFast VF e34

 If the MG4 electric car model is sold in Vietnam, it promises to have a good price compared to the VinFast VF e34, but the charging station infrastructure may be a big obstacle.

According to sales consultants, MG4 may be brought to Vietnam by the end of this year. This is a pure electric hatchback model with the same size as the VinFast VF e34, which was displayed at the Vietnam Auto Show (VMS) 2022 in October last year.

MG4 - electric car with VinFast VF e34 wheels, may return to Vietnam this year - 1

MG4 displayed at VMS 2022 (Photo: VMS).

This information has not been confirmed by MG Vietnam, but on the company's official fanpage, there was a post introducing MG4 with the message "Are you looking forward to the official appearance of MG4 EV in the Vietnamese market?"

The fact that the MG4 can be brought to Vietnam is not too surprising because the Government is applying a large preferential policy of free registration for pure electric cars. Besides, MG4 is produced in Thailand, so if brought to Vietnam, it will be exempt from import tax because it belongs to the ASEAN bloc, promising a good selling price.

MG4's direct competitor in Vietnam will be VinFast VF e34 because these two models have similar sizes. In Thailand, MG4 is priced from 869,000 baht (about 600 million VND), expected to be attractive compared to the VF e34's price of 710 million VND without battery.

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