Fubon ETF Incorporates FPT Retail (FRT) and Eximbank (EIB) into Portfolio Post-Restructuring Phase

 In total, the fund has purchased tens of millions of new shares to add to the portfolio, with proportions reaching EIB 1.54% and FRT 1.59%, respectively.

Statistics from Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF, the fund has carried out portfolio restructuring activities in the first quarter of 2024. According to the newly announced list, Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF has added two new stock codes, FRT of FPT Retail and EIB of Eximbank, to the list.

On the contrary, Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF removed SBT shares of Thanh Thanh Cong Bien Hoa from its portfolio.

Thus, after this restructuring period, the number of shares in the Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF portfolio increased to 31. This number is 1 share larger than the reference basket FTSE Vietnam 30 Index (HCM Type).

From March 15 to March 20, Fubon ETF sold more than 6.8 million SBT shares.

In the same direction, HPG shares were also sold more than 5 million units, reducing the holding to nearly 73 million units, still the stock with the largest proportion in the Fubon ETF portfolio at 9.78%. This ETF also sold nearly 1.7 million HCM shares, holding more than 525 thousand shares (0.07%).

On the buying side, the fund purchased nearly 18.6 million new EIB shares and 2.4 million FRT shares to add to the portfolio, with proportions reaching 1.54% and 1.59%, respectively.

At the same time, Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF also bought nearly 4.4 million more VIC shares, current proportion reaching 9.11%; Buy an additional 3.5 million VHM shares, current proportion is 8.85%; bought an additional 5.9 million STB shares, current proportion reaching 2.81%; bought an additional 4.3 million PDR shares, current proportion reaching 1.69%.

A notable point is that Fubon ETF capital flow suddenly reversed with a net withdrawal in 3/4 of the most recent sessions after a period of strong capital withdrawal last month. In total, after less than 1 week (from March 14 to 20), Fubon ETF had a net withdrawal of 5.3 million USD, meaning about 130 billion VND of Vietnamese stocks were sold. Notably, the withdrawal of nearly 4 million USD recorded in the March 20 session marked the strongest net withdrawal session of Fubon ETF in the past 4 months (from mid-November 2023).

After a few sessions of capital withdrawal, the total value of accumulated capital inflows into Fubon ETF from the beginning of 2024 to the end of the February 20 session was about 12 million USD (~ 284 billion VND). Currently, the size of the Fubon FTSE Vietnam ETF portfolio reaches more than 28.7 billion Taiwan dollars, equivalent to 22,300 billion VND, continuing to be the largest ETF fund in the Vietnamese stock market.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, General Director of Yuanta Securities Vietnam, foreign investors and specifically Taiwanese (Chinese) organizations still pay great attention to the Vietnamese stock market, is promoting investment and always looking for new opportunities. This means that foreign capital flows into the market will get better and better.

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