"Buying an Electric Car in the United States Isn't Easy"

 The following finding is surprising: A similar number of dealers do not have electric cars available and do not want to import electric cars for sale.

 Many dealers say they will one day sell electric vehicles, or are hesitant because they have to install charging stations or their technicians must have electric vehicle certification.

This number accounts for 30% of the total number of car dealers participating in the survey. These days, a car dealership typically makes the most from its service department, so it's understandable to be hesitant to sell a product that requires less service. However, it is still a difficult problem. These dealers may not realize that automakers will invest $1.2 trillion in electric vehicles.

However, supply chain limitations are not the only reason why few dealers have electric cars available for sale. The rarest are the states on the West Coast - California, Oregon and Washington, simply because consumers here are "crazy" about electric vehicles. Dealers are selling electric vehicles very well. When Sierra Club contacted them, only 27% of dealers in those states said they had an electric vehicle available in the showroom.

Other findings:

- West Coast states contribute 45% of all electric cars sold nationwide.

- 90% of Mercedes-Benz dealers said they have pure electric vehicles or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) available for sale. Mercedes has 5 pure electric car models and is preparing a number of new models.

- Only 11% of Honda dealers and 15% of Toyota dealers have pure electric vehicles or PHEVs available. The report offers solutions to increase the number of electric vehicle users; which mentioned the need to increase production.

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