2024 VinFast VF 8 and VF 9: Impressive Range of Nearly 600km Per Charge Unveiled

 VinFast VF 9 CATL battery version costs 75-111 million VND more than the SDI battery version (Photo: VF).

In parallel with switching to using new batteries with about 40% higher performance than expected, VinFast also increased the price of cars using CATL batteries to be about 5% more expensive than cars using SDI batteries.

Users who are placing a deposit on the SDI battery version can pay the difference in list price to switch to the CATL battery version if desired.

Price details for VF 8 and VF 9 vehicles with two types of batteries are as shown in the table below:

  Car model Version Battery rental price Price includes battery

VF 8 Eco (SDI) 1,090,000,000 1,290,000,000

Eco (CATL) 1,144,500,000 1,354,500,000

Plus (SDI) 1,270,000,000 1,470,000,000

Plus (CATL) 1,333,500,000 1,543,500,000

VF 9 Eco (SDI) 1,491,000,000 1,984,000,000

Eco (CATL) 1,566,000,000 2,083,000,000

Plus (SDI) 1,676,000,000 2,169,000,000

Plus (CATL) 1,760,000,000 2,280,000,000

Listed price without battery and with battery of VinFast VF 8, VF 9 (Unit: Dong).

If you choose to rent a battery, customers have 2 service package options: under 3,000km/month and over 3,000km/month. With VF 8, the corresponding cost is 2.9 million VND/month and 4.8 million VND/month, battery rental deposit is 41 million VND.

As for VF 9, users will have to deposit 60 million VND to rent the battery, pay 4.1 million VND/month or 6.5 million VND/month depending on the service package option.

From November 20, 2023 to January 15, 2024, customers who buy VF 8 will receive a direct discount on the car purchase price, an amount of 121 million VND for the Eco version and 125 million VND for the Plus version ( including vehicles with batteries and vehicles without batteries, both SDI and CATL battery types)

The program does not apply to Pioneer customers and is applicable concurrently with other incentive policies in effect.

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