2024 Data proves that making only electric cars will harm the environment

 The Japanese automaker has just cited data showing that the auto market needs products that use many different energy sources.

Despite being a pioneer in the field of hybrid cars, Toyota is not very enthusiastic about making electric cars and is therefore often criticized.

But now Toyota claims it has the data to prove that going all-in on electric vehicles, as many automakers have pledged, is not only a bad business decision but could be harmful. for the environment. The company's Chief Scientific Officer Gill Pratt said car companies should still sell cars using different energy sources, including hybrid and hydrogen.

Toyota provides data proving that if only making electric cars will harm the environment - 1

Electric cars are a new direction for many automakers (Photo: Alfa Romeo).

If electric cars produce no emissions, why would we want to make more hybrid cars? Mr. Pratt said this depends on the availability of lithium, a mineral used in battery production. He predicts that the auto industry will soon be hit by a shortage of lithium, as well as other minerals used in battery production, and there will be a shortage of charging points as the number of electric vehicles produced skyrockets. .

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