2024 "Anticipating the Unveiling: VinFast Prepares to Announce Super Compact Electric Car"

 The Vietnamese automobile market has recently been vibrant with the appearance of mini cars, of which Wuling HongGuang MiniEV is a typical representative. This car is nearly 3 meters long and nearly 1.5 meters wide, smaller than Kia Morning, Hyundai Grand i10 or VinFast VF 5 electric car.

VinFast is about to announce a super small electric car, cheap but beautiful and convenient - 3

An electric car with 2 doors and 1 seat design (Photo: Electrek).

The world has also seen cars smaller than the Wuling HongGuang MiniEV, such as some electric cars for sale on Alibaba with a single-seat, 2-door design. Its basic structure is still the same as mini electric cars but is made more compact.

VinFast is about to announce a super small electric car, cheap but beautiful and convenient - 4

The Microlino electric car has 2 seats, the door opens at the front driver's window (Photo: Microlino).

The market even recognizes mini electric cars with one-door design, typically the Microlino model. This car has a door in the driver's seat and although it is only 2.5 meters long and less than 1.5 meters wide, it is designed to seat 2 people. Microlino is suitable for personal use and can be parked in narrow spaces.

However, to know exactly about the micro electric car model that VinFast is developing, we must wait for official announcements from the company. The initial revelations of the Chairman of Vingroup also show that the Vietnamese electric car company is very active in expanding its product range and will soon complete its electric SUV portfolio, from class A to class E, with the upcoming mini electric car.

Currently, VinFast has launched 4 electric car models, including VF 5 (class A), VF e34 (class C), VF 8 (class D) and VF 9 (class E). In the context of industry consumption in Vietnam going down, VinFast's sales recorded positive and outstanding signals when the VF e34 rose to be the best-selling car model in April.

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