If you are using a D-Link router, beware of hackers!

 D-Link Router Hacked, Users at Risk of Losing Passwords to Hackers.

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a serious vulnerability in the D-Link DIR-859 Wi-Fi router, allowing hackers to steal sensitive user information, including account names, passwords and other personal data.

The vulnerability is rated as severe 9.8/10 and was discovered in January 2024. However, since the device was discontinued in 2020, D-Link has announced that it will not release a patch. This means that users will have no way to protect themselves from attacks exploiting this vulnerability.

D-Link routers are in the sights of hackers.

D-Link has issued a security advisory, but no patch, leaving users confused and worried about the risk of information theft. Experts recommend that users replace old devices with newer products that are still supported with security updates from the manufacturer.

This is not the first time D-Link devices have been hit with security issues. Previously, another vulnerability in the "fatlady.php" component was also discovered, allowing hackers to take control of the device remotely.

This situation raises a major issue regarding the responsibility of manufacturers to protect users, especially when devices that have been discontinued are still widely used. Users also need to raise their security awareness, regularly update their devices and replace outdated ones to avoid becoming victims of cyber attacks.

A group of four Vietnamese hackers were prosecuted in the US for cyber attacks that caused $71 million in damage.

Four Vietnamese citizens identified as members of the international cybercrime group FIN9 have been indicted in the United States in connection with a series of cyberattacks that caused more than $71 million in damage to American businesses, Reuters reported.

The defendants include Tai Van Tai (also known as Quynh Hoa, Bich Thuy), Nguyen Viet Quoc (also known as Tien Nguyen), Nguyen Van Truong (also known as Chung Nguyen) and Nguyen Trang Xuyen.

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Vietnamese members of the FIN9 hacker group were indicted in the US.

According to the indictment of the US Attorney's Office for the District of New Jersey, from May 2018 to October 2021, the group carried out multiple cyber attacks on US companies, gaining access to computer systems to steal confidential information, employee benefits data, funds and credit card information.

The defendant used a variety of sophisticated methods to conceal their identities, including VPNs and fake identities. However, after an investigation, the US Department of Justice tracked down and prosecuted the subjects.

The group members were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, racketeering, and computer fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and intentional damage to a protected computer. Tai, Xuyen, and Truong were also charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering. Tai and Quoc face charges of identity theft and conspiracy to commit identity fraud.

If convicted, the defendants could face a total of decades in prison. This case confirms the U.S. Department of Justice’s commitment to combating cybercrime and protecting the rights of victims.

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