Dell's unique "as easy as a SIM tray" disassembled laptop


While Google abandoned the Project Ara modular smartphone idea due to various factors, this inspiration helped Dell create a highly anticipated laptop.

Desktop computers have various advantages over laptops, the most prominent of which is that they are easy to disassemble and clean. The reason is because laptops have a lot of screws, everything is very compact and disassembling will be very difficult, there is even a high risk of broken or damaged parts, especially the chassis. But Dell can change this view of laptops with the latest Luna concept.

Dell's unique disassembled laptop "as easy as a SIM tray" - 1

Concept Luna is Dell's screwless laptop. It is based on a screwless locking system that is quite easy to remove. To disassemble, the first step is to remove the speaker bar, then the keyboard to see the remaining parts. After removing the keyboard, the motherboard and fan can be removed very easily. All of this can be done in less than 1 minute and without removing screws. Reassembly is also easy as it has a modular design that is quite as simple as removing a SIM tray on the phone.

It won't be surprising that Dell's Luna concept will end many of the problems that laptops are facing. Currently, the process of disassembling a laptop is slow and laborious, and can damage the chassis if the user is not careful.

Dell's unique disassembled laptop "as easy as a SIM tray" - 2

This whole laptop seems to be focused on repairability - something tech companies look for. That's because the components are placed in a structure that is very complicated to repair. What's more, while in the past people could replace laptop batteries without opening the device, now everything is hidden inside the chassis.

Of course, given what happened with Google's Project Ara, there are still doubts about whether people will see a product like Luna appear in the consumer market. But if this happens, many opportunities will come to future laptops, where users can change the processor, the entire motherboard, etc. to save a large amount of money each time. upgrade.

Dell's unique disassembled laptop "as easy as a SIM tray" - 3

That will be a good solution for consumers, especially students with limited finances. Meanwhile, gaming laptops will hardly have that happen due to more complex requirements. Besides, looking at the components in the image depicting Luna, it will not be possible to expand storage or RAM.

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