2024 Record-Breaking Sales: Electric Vehicles Surge in US and Europe Markets

 The boom in electric car consumption in Europe can be explained by better support infrastructure in the US, car buyers have more choices and the cost is more attractive. In Europe, sometimes buying an electric car is easier than buying a gasoline car, due to the shifting priorities of OEM parts and components suppliers.

Since semiconductor shortages have become a major problem in the global supply chain, priority has been given to popular vehicles (especially SUVs) or vehicles that are easy to sell, such as electric vehicles, thanks to preferential policy.

It is expected that this year electric vehicle sales in both the US and Europe will continue to increase due to cost attractiveness and more options.

Electric cars reach record sales in the US and Europe, a promised land for VinFast - 2

The export batch of VF 8 cars is expected to arrive at California port (USA) about 20 days after departure in Vietnam (Photo: VF).

The US and Europe are also international markets that VinFast focuses on for its electric car development plan. On November 25, the Vietnamese electric car brand held a ceremony to export its first batch of electric cars to the US.

The first batch of VinFast VF 8 cars exported was 999 units for the US market and was transported by Panama's private charter ship Silver Queen. It is expected that after about 20 days of departure from MPC Port, the batch of cars will arrive at California port (USA) and will be handed over to the first customers at the end of December 2022.

According to VinFast, the 999 VF 8 units of the first batch are only a small part of the 65,000 orders for VinFast VF 8 and VF 9 electric cars globally. Immediately after the US market, VinFast will export the next batch of VF 8 cars to the Canadian and European markets for timely delivery to customers in 2023.

Regarding the VF 9 model, VinFast has planned to hand over to the Vietnamese and international markets in the first quarter of 2023.

With electric vehicle sales in the US and Europe exploding, this market will become the "promised land" of VinFast as well as many other companies. Of course, there will also be considerable competition, especially when this is considered the most demanding market in the world.

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