Zero turn mowers have really revolutionized lawn care over the past decade or so. They are fast, efficient, comfortable to ride, have zero radii of turn (no spot is left uncut) and impressive cutting swath diameters.

With all these benefits, one could be tempted to ask, “Can I afford one with my limited budget?” Of course, you can. There are cheap zero turn mowers that do not necessarily compromise on quality and performance.

When looking to buy such mowers, extreme caution has to be taken so that you do not end up with a product that cannot even cut a meter of lawn before breaking down.

In this review article, we will discuss some of the selection criteria of cheap zero turn mowers and do a review of some of the best in the market. This would allow you to make good and informed choices.

Top 10 Cheap Zero Turn Mowers

Husqvarna Z246I 23HP Briggs & Stratton 46" Zero Turn Lawn Mower46”/23 HP   $$
Husqvarna 967271501 46" 20HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower46”/20 HP$$
Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower46”/22 HP$$
Husqvarna Z246 21.5HP 726cc Kawasaki Engine 46 Z-Turn Mower #96732400146”/21.5 HP$$
Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower54”/25 HP$$$
Husqvarna 967638401 42" 22HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Mower42”/ 22 HP$$$
Z-Beast 48ZB 20HP Heavy Duty 48" Zero Turn Riding Mower with Rollbar Powered By Briggs & Stratton Pro Engine48”/ 20 HP$$
Ariens Zoom 34 - 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34" Zero Turn Lawn Mower34”/ 19 HP$$
52”/ 27 HP$$
Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch46”/22 HP$$

Our Pick

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch

Poulan Pro 46-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

When it comes to evaluating cheap zero turn mowers, being cheap should not be the only consideration. The mower has to be actually able to perform its intended purpose with high efficiency.

The Poulan Pro 46-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower is easy to manoeuvre through obstacles and narrow portions of your lawn. Coupled with zero turn capabilities, obstacles will not be a problem anymore.

Top speeds of 6 MPH and the 46” cutting deck shortens your mowing time considerably. This mower also has very good reviews, which is a manifestation of its reliable performance.

How to choose cheap zero turn mowers

If this is your first time buying a cheap or entry level mower, then you are going to need a lot of research before making a purchase. If you do your homework well, you could end up with a very good mower that will last you a long time at a cheaper price. Here are some of the things you should have in mind.


With an entry level mower, you would not be spending a lot of time on it really. But the few hours you spend should be very comfortable. The seat should be your first consideration.

It should have back support since you will have to lean back as you steer the mower. The padding should also be as comfortable and soft as possible. Then try out the control panel. Is it within your reach while seated or not?

When buying the mower, you should sit on it and imagine yourself riding it. How much leg room is there? How comfortable are you? When you are satisfied enough, then settle on it.


Buying a cheap zero turn mower is not all about the price. You will also be needed to consider whether it can do the intended job. The engine Horsepower will determine how well the mower breezes past the thick or tall grass in your lawn.

Looking for the highest horsepower within a set price range will be a sure way of getting about it. The speeds too will come in handy when you need to complete the job faster and get back to other businesses. The faster the mower, the better it will be for you.

Cheap zero turn mowers come with a single cylinder engine. If you are lucky enough, you could find one with the more powerful twin-cylinder OVH engines.

Deck construction and type

After the engine, the deck is the most important part of the mower. It is the part that does the mowing. Depending on the price, the deck construction will either be stamped or fabricated. The fabricated deck is always more durable but more expensive.

Entry level mowers will have a stamped deck with a special press finish. This will be able to handle flat and fairly rough terrains. Another aspect to consider is the deck size.

This determines how quick you complete a job, but has a direct effect on the maneuverability of the mower. If there are few or no obstacles, then choose the largest deck size (cutting diameter) available.

The more the obstacles are close together, then the size has to be smaller to steer the mower between the obstacles.

Ease of adjusting cutting height

It is most probable that your lawn will not require a single cutting height throughout. It is, therefore, logical to have a mower that you can easily increase and reduce the cutting height to several lengths.

Press foot height adjustment is easier to use and does not require you to stop the mower and adjust the height manually. The stoppages are a total waste of time when the adjustment is needed for a short period like when the mower over a tree root.

Tire sizes and suspension

Wide tires are good assets for a zero-turn mower. From simple Physics, the wider the area, the least the pressure exerted on the lawn. This leaves the grass as soft and delicate as intended.

In addition, the wider the wheels, the more the traction on the mower. This will help you minimize the cases slipping embarrassingly more so on slopes. Apart from having wider wheels, they should have some kind of suspension. This makes the rides smooth and also results in an even cut on uneven terrains.


How do you determine if a mower will be durable? We thought you might ask. It all depends on the construction of its frame and the essential components. A rugged frame will result in a more durable mower.

Check the gauges of the steel used to make the frame, cutting deck and the protection of the engine mounted at the rear. The thicker and more sound the steel looks, the more durable the mower will be.

Anti-scalp wheels on the deck will prevent it from bottoming out and hitting potholes directly. The more they are on the deck, the better.

Attachments available

Cheap zero turn mowers which are compatible with many attachments provide for the best buys. You need a mower that you can turn to another lawn tool during its course of service.

Not all of the cheap ones will be this versatile though. You, therefore, need to check and ask if you can attach a mulcher, trailer, bagger, spreader, sweeper among others to it. In the process, do not overwork the mower though. It is meant to cut grass.

Cheap zero turn mower reviews

Husqvarna 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna Z246I 23HP Briggs & Stratton 46" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Husqvarna 46″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a Z200 Series Zero turn mower that combines style and performance. This is one of the cheap zero turn mowers around.

A 23 HP Briggs & Stratton Endurance Series V-Twin Engine powers this 46” reinforced stamped deck cutting machine. This 724-cc engine provides outstanding durability and smooth power outputs for quieter operations.

SmartSwitch starting uses an electric starting system for a key-less operation. This allows you to start the mower and turn on the headlights and indicator lights.

Clear feedback displayed informs you if there is need to adjust the cutting deck, disengage parking brake and adjust steering levers before the mower is started.

The hydro gear transmission generates smoother operations and provides variable speeds. This drive system is commercial grade and can propel the mower through the lawn at speeds of 6.5 MPH.

For durability, the stamped cutting deck is made from 13-gauge steel and houses 2 mower blades for efficient cuts all the time. Want to be able to adjust the cutting height? This mower gives an option of choosing between 6 different cutting heights from 1.5” to 4”.

An air induction mowing technology draws air from the bottom and top of the deck. This improves grass lift for more superior grass cut. To protect the nose of the mowing unit, a bumper is integrated and includes LED headlights for operations when it’s still dark.


  • LED Headlights
  • Reinforced steel cutting deck
  • Superior maneuverability
  • Key-less starting
  • Air induction mowing technology
  • Transmission is maintenance free


  • Shorter cutting width

Husqvarna 20HP Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Husqvarna 967271501 46" 20HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Lawn Mower

This mower probably offers you everything you could need for your lawn. It is made from durable components, is comfortable to operate and delivers a perfect cut every time.

Just as the Husqvarna mowers, this too is powered by a Briggs and Stratton endurance engine. This 656-cc engine will deliver you a power output of 20 HP to tackle the stubborn grass on your lawn. It can power the mower up to speeds of 6.5 MPH and 3.5MPH in reverse.

With these speeds and a reinforced 46” stamped cutting deck, mowing shouldn’t be a worry anymore. A hydro-gear hydrostatic transmission gives smoother and quieter operations.

Control panels are accessible, a back high sliding seat is provided, and headlights have been included for more comfortable operations. The foot pan is removable to make cleaning work easy.

This mower features a 3 in 1 design that gives provisions for rear bagging, side discharge, and mulching. This gives valuable versatility for disposal options.


  • Versatile
  • Fast
  • Air induction technology
  • Easy startup
  • Durable
  • Adjustable cutting height
  • Superior performance


  • The cutting swath is limiting

Troy-Bilt Mustang 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt Mustang 46 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

The Troy-Bilt Mustang 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower features a 24 HP Briggs & Stratton Twin engine. An electric PTO and a dual EZT transmission smoothly transmit this power to the drive train and wheels.

An 18 inch back high seat provides for added comfort. The front axle and frame are heavy duty and reinforced for durability. Its large bars are made to fit riders of different sizes. Opening these up automatically engages the parking brakes.

The zero-turn mowing capability enables you to mow faster and turn on a dime. This mower is compatible with FastAttach accessories that convert it into a versatile workhorse.

An electric PTO power take-off system quickly engages the cutting blades so that you get to work in no time. The standard front axle has grease fittings to last you a while before servicing them.

The high back seat is comfortable and is dual suspended for less bumpy rides and even grass cuts.


  • Dual suspension
  • Comfortable seat
  • Long service life
  • FastAttach accessories
  • 2-way adjustable steering bars
  • Fast forward speeds
  • Has deck wash


  • Slips when cutting sideways on a hill

Husqvarna 21.5HP Z-Turn Mower

Husqvarna Z246 21.5HP 726cc Kawasaki Engine 46 Z-Turn Mower #967324001

This budget-friendly mower could be what you need for all your entry level lawn care needs. The 726-cc, 21.5 HP Kawasaki engine fitted on this mower provides all the juice it needs to take care of your lawn.

It combines a 46” reinforced stamped cutting deck with a top speed of 6.5 MPH to zoom through your lawn in no time with ease. The hydro gear transmission provides for variable speeds and smooth power transfer.

A digital hour meter, easily accessible controls (they are at your fingertips) plus headlights contribute to a general ease of operating the mower. The mid-back seat can be slid back and forth for a more comfortable leg room.

For reduced chassis flex, the mower is fitted with caster wheels and a rugged, robust frame. The deck lift lever is conveniently placed and is spring assisted for improved ease. To access the cutting deck, you just remove the footplate.


  • Robust frame
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Easily accessible cutting deck
  • Low noise levels
  • Maintenance free transmission
  • Rear engine guard


  • Breaks down easily
  • Struggles on hilly and rough terrains
  • Non-CARB compliant

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

Troy-Bilt Mustang 54 25HP 54-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

This 54-inch mustang mower is an option you could consider when looking for a cheap zero turn mower. It is efficient and quickly does the job. It gets all the power it needs from the on-board 25 HP, 724cc Briggs and Stratton intek twin cylinder engine.

With all this massive power output, the engine can catapult the mower to forward speeds of 7 MPH and 2.5MPH while in reverse. An electric power take-off system quickly engages the triple blade 54” cutting deck with a side discharge.

When you need to lift the deck over obstacles, 8-point adjustment positions are at hand for engagement. When mowing, a Reverse mow control keeps you safe from any flying objects.

The dual suspended, comfortable high-back seat gives smooth rides, lessening your joint aches. The front caster wheels can be greased to increase their bearing life.

Four deck wheels absorb shocks from potential bumps into objects. A fuel site gauge gives you the convenience of never running out of fuel as you mow.


  • 4 deck gauge wheels
  • Wide 54” cutting deck
  • Powerful twin-cylinder engine
  • The caster wheels can be greased
  • Oil filter for clean performances
  • Dual deck wash system


  • Non-CARB compliant

Husqvarna 42” Zero Turn Mower

Husqvarna 967638401 42" 22HP Briggs and Stratton Zero Turn Mower

This mower is another cheap option from the Husqvarna collection of mowers. A fabricated design also features a 10-gauge welded steel that also has reinforced strips for durability.

It features the trusted Briggs and Stratton engine that is capable of delivering 22 HP of sheer power. This power spins the 42” twin cutting blades up to top speeds of 18500 fpm. The motor is also able to propel the mower up to forward speeds of 6.5MPH.

An electric clutch blade engagement system provides for faster engagement. This tool is very versatile since it allows for three cutting methods; Mulching, side discharge and rear bag discharge.

The 42-inch powder coated cutting deck has a hand operated lifting system and a deck wash port for a clean storage. It can be adjusted from 1.5” to 4”. The cast aluminum mandrel ensures durability even in the toughest of grass.


  • Electric clutch
  • 2 cutting blades
  • Fast
  • 3-in-1
  • Automatic parking brake
  • Anti-slip foot pan
  • Rugged frame
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sizeable gas tank
  • Easy to store


  • Non-CARB compliant
  • Shortcutting diameter

Z-Beast 48″ Zero Turn Riding Mower

Z-Beast 48ZB 20HP Heavy Duty 48" Zero Turn Riding Mower with Rollbar Powered By Briggs & Stratton Pro Engine

The Z-Beast 48″ Zero Turn Riding Mower is a mower designed to cut more grass in considerably less time. It combines dependability and performance to serve you for a long time as you take care of your lawn.

The great features you can expect to enjoy in this mower include a 20 HP Briggs and Stratton Professional Series Engine, a dual hydrostatic drive system which provides an efficient means of power transfer for easy manoeuvrability and top speeds.

If you want a mower with a roll bar, convenient cup holder, and a seat belt to ensure a safer ride, then this should be your best choice. The construction is substantially heavy duty from 12 gauge stamped steel. A reinforced clutch blade forms part of the construction.

To those who fancy wider cutting decks, this mower is fitted with a 48” cutting deck with blades that can reach top speeds of 18,750 ft/min. This delivers a quality professional cut every time.

Experience reduced mowing times with top speeds of up to 10 MPH. As you wheeze through your lawn, quickly adjust the floating deck from 1.5” to 5”. The availability of the 20 x 8 inches rear wheels, 13 x 5 inches front tires provides enough traction to prevent it from slipping.


  • Adequate traction
  • Durable Carlisle belts
  • Can reach top speeds of 10 MPH
  • Powerful engine
  • Has a seat belt


  • Tends to break down more often

Ariens Zoom 34″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Ariens Zoom 34 - 19hp Kohler 6000 Series V-Twin 34" Zero Turn Lawn Mower

The Ariens Zoom 34″ Zero Turn Lawn Mower is an entry level mower and is one of the cheap zero turn mowers. It is suitable for average mowing job on small lawns. It could also handle up to about two acres of lawn.

This mower is powered by a 19HP, 660-cc Kohler 6600 V-twin 4 cycle engine. This engine has the OHV design which allows for cleaner and cooler running. A Smart-Choke tech makes for a dependable, easy starting.

This 19 HP engine gives this mower a top forward speed of 6 MPH and 3 MPH while in reverse. Transmission is done by a hydro-gear EZT fully integrated transmission. It does not require any shifting, providing an effortless operation.

What’s more, this mower’s cutting deck comprises of 34-inch twin blades and is made from 12 gauges stamped steel. It is fitted with maintenance free spindles. This deck supports 4 adjustment positions to minimize the movements.


  • Cuts well
  • Very manoeuvrable
  • Easy to drive
  • Great price value
  • Easy to store in tight spaces
  • Versatile


  • Limited towing weight
  • Narrower cutting width

Snapper Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

The Snapper Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower is a lawn care equipment designed to tackle your sizeable lawn. It delivers more power, runs cleaner and has better fuel economy than most of the mowers in its class.

A Pro Series V-twin OHV 27 HP, 724-cc engine delivers all the power it needs to breeze through any grass, brush or weeds. To provide you with a better fuel economy, an Electronic Fuel Management system monitors all the essential elements for the right fuel-air mixture.

A feature you could look forward to is the low-profile seat with five adjustment settings. The seat has armrests so that you work in style and comfort. A 6.5-gallon fuel tank provides enough fuel for longer runs without stopping.

Anti-scalping wheels, 3-in-1 versatility, heavy duty wheels, 1.5”-4.5” height adjustment, 7 MPH forward top speeds and 5 MPH in reverse are some of the other features you could consider when making this purchase.


  • Short mowing times
  • Versatile
  • Fuel efficient
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Heavy duty construction


  • Poor quality control issues

Poulan Pro 46-Inch Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower

Poulan Pro P46ZX Briggs V-Twin Pro 22 HP Cutting Deck Zero Turn Radius Riding Mower, 46-Inch

This zero-turn mower works like a pro when it comes to lawn mowing. To facilitate its impeccable performance, it is fitted with a 2 blade reinforced 46” steel cutting deck.

To make the cutting deck tick, a 22 HP Briggs and Stratton Engine is fitted onto it. This robust engine reduces the time you spend out mowing so that you can get back to having fun.

The cutting height can be adjusted in 0.5” increments from 1.5” to 4”.  What’s more, 3 anti-scalp rollers prevent the deck from bumping onto the ground. The steering lever is easy to operate and is foam padded at the grips for less strain on the hands.

With top forward speeds of 6 MPH, this mower will manage up to 2.4 acres of lawn per hour.


  • Foam padded lever grips
  • Easy to steer
  • Easy access control panel
  • Durable frame
  • Extra high seat for comfort


  • Steep terrains are a problem
  • Non-Carb compliant